Dr. Duran



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Dr. Monica Duran did her medical training in Cuba and then moved to the U.S. to further her education. Monica was a House Physician at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, Florida for 1 year prior to moving to Decatur to pursue her residency in Family Medicine at the SIU Family Medicine Residency program. After completion of her residency, she was an Emergency Room Physician at DMH for 1-1/2 years and then took time off to be a mother to her 3 wonderful children.

 Dr. Rohde has known Monica since she started her training in Decatur and welcomes her to the Renew "family". She is ready to return to the practice of medicine as her children are now in school.

Dr. Duran provides care in all areas of Medicine but has a special interest in skin care with years of exposure to sun exposed skin in Cuba during her medical training. She has  special training in the use of Botox® and Cosmetic fillers to reverse aging changes and accentuate beauty in men and women.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Botox® Cosmetic injections
  • Cosmetic Skin filler injections - Restylane™, Juvederm™, and others.
  • Skin lesion excision
  • Biopsies of skin lesions - punch, shave, and excision.
  • Cryotherapy
  • Laser Skin rejuvenation
  • Weight Management Program
    • Doctor Supervised Low Calorie
  • Smoking Cessation (Quit Smoking Help)
  • Emotional Health

Areas of Special Expertise

  • Toenail Removal - partial or total