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The Membrane Healing Diet

The membrane healing diet and protocol is a modified ketogenic diet developed by Dr. Patricia Kane. If you would like information on this it is available on an individual basis to patients of Dr. Rohde. It utilizes healthy fats to help heal membranes including Dr. Kane's Phosphatidylcholine in liquid or capsule form and BodyBio Balance Oil. These are available for purchase from my office or directly from BodyBio utilizing my order code for a 20% discount.

You can use a Paleo cookbook and Paleo recipes found elsewhere but paying particular attention to avoiding ingredients in these recipes that are on the Do Not Use or limited Use List below. In particular these are usually sweeteners like honey or agave which are allowed in small quantities on the paleo diet but not in the Membrane Stabilizing diet. Olive oil is ok but it is not a membrane healing oil like the BodyBio Balance Oil. Have fun with this dietary change - and here's to improved health and vitality!