Welcome to my Functional Regenerative Medicine Practice!

Welcome to Renew! We are the Midwest’s premiere Functional Medicine and Regenerative Health Center. We provide comprehensive, individualized care.

My goal is to help you restore and enhance the quality of your life through discovery of the Root Cause of your body’s dysfunction. This is Regenerative Medicine – allowing your body to heal and return to normal function. I work from two premises:

1)Your body is designed to heal. Given the right nutrients and conditions the body is designed to repair damage or recover from illness. If you have an infection and your immune system is functioning optimally your body will return to normal health. If you have a compromised immune system due to an unhealthy gut for example your return to normal health can be prolonged or even impaired. Until the Root Cause of your dysfunction is corrected your body will not be able to heal and return to optimal function as it was designed to do.

2) Your body does nothing without a reason. This means that a symptom like acid reflux has an underlying cause which must be discovered and corrected. Masking the symptom with a purple pill just enslaves you to that medication. If you stop the medication, the symptoms return!

If you’re tired of poor health and your healthcare provider is just prescribing a medication to mask or make symptoms tolerable, then let me help you find a better way! Let’s work together to regenerate your body’s ability to heal.

My goal is to restore and enhance the quality of your life through a personalized comprehensive evaluation allowing us to discover the Root Cause of your “Dis-Ease”. I can help you resolve your symptoms of fatigue, trouble sleeping, aches and pains, irritable bowel, hot flashes, lost sex drive, weight gain, depressed or irritable moods, fading muscle mass, and fuzzy-headed thinking. These are all symptoms that signal underlying metabolic issues that are the Root Cause of your health issues.

Together we can work through these Root Causes which are the underlying cause of Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and Autoimmune diseases like Hashimotos Thyroid disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and others which are becoming an epidemic in our toxic society.

I will take a thorough history that goes back to the beginning of your life, and then discern the factors that led to your present “Dis-Ease”. We will then scientifically evaluate those issues identified in your initial evaluation history. This can include testing your present hormone levels, neurotransmitter or brain chemical levels, your body’s toxin burden, your gut health and intestinal function, and chemistry levels. With all of this vital information we can then work together to develop a personalized restorative plan. This will include Regenerative medicine treatments, nutritional changes, detoxification, exercise, Physician quality supplements, and bio-identical hormone replacement as needed to restore your body’s proper balance.

With the proper knowledge and understanding of your body’s Dis-Function or Dis- Ease we can work together to provide the proper environment and materials to restore your body and you will be able to attain or return to your optimal state of wellness and live a more robust life!


Is stress impacting your life? Tired of being tired?

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Imagine having a safe and easy 30 minute in-office vasectomy with no scalpel!

Regenerative Medicine

Your Body Should Heal Itself - Give Your Body a Boost to Restore Its Full Healing Potential!


Achieve success in treating a chronic condition with Renew.


What is Ozone and how can it help me?

Our Mission is to Provide Comprehensive Care to Individuals and Families in a Friendly, Caring Environment. 

Why do you have hot flashes?
Why are you tired?
Why do you have heartburn or stomach problems?
Why do you have fibromyalgia?
Why do you have an autoimmune disorder?

Why do you have high cholesterol?
Why is your asthma worsening?

Why do you have allergies?
Why do you have depression or anxiety?
Why is your child struggling with ADHD?
Why is your child Autistic?

Once we uncover the reasons for the body’s dysfunction we can then work together to formulate your personalized recovery plan that will help your body heal and restore its intended balance and thereby your normal function and sense of well being! Your plan is specifically based on your body’s needs rather than merely prescribing a “one size fits all” pill to mask or treat a symptom as is the custom in traditional medical practice.

I can help you with the issues listed above and many more. Let me help you regain your vitality and help you Feel, Look, and BE the best you can be at any age!



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